Pilar Mateo

Pilar Mateo is a chemist who has given her life to the elimination of deadly diseases and to the empowerment of solidarity with those affected by them. In 1997, she moved to the Chacos region of Bolivia where she implemented a mechanism of her own invention which is still used to eradicate the insects that transmit Chagas, a deadly disease that affects 16 to 18 million people. Though Mateo was finished with her initial project, she didn’t stop there. During her time with the indigenous Guariani people she realized that often epidemic diseases spread because of poverty and discrimination.

Defeating a deadly disease is vital, but more vital for Pilar Mateo was killing poverty. She began the MOMIM movement to demonstrate that dignity belongs to every human being and is a source of freedom and value. For this reason, the Guariani people have given her the name “The White Angel”.

TEDx 04/19/13 Session 4
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